Rapid Prototyping and Ideation

About GEW

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Emerge, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation wing of Young Indians Mysuru celebrated GEW by organizing three programs.

Rapid Prototyping and Ideation


Imagine a visit to the lab of Phunsuk Wangdu(3 idiots). This visit felt like that. Participants were moved by the scientific approach of team Ideas Unlimited. They are clear that they would focus on R & D, stay small, stay nimble.

Nagendra is a doer, hustler. He tries out things. For example in Civil engineering, his own house has used 7 new technologies. He has developed a software for Lego type brick work (BOM generation).

Among his various projects are :

Gesture recognition glove

Braille tutor

Dental surgery aiding telescope

Case study 1 : Ionic air purifier ducts

Kills bacteria by ionization, placed in the heating ducts.

He says we should first prove the concept. 3 d printing prototype, cannot replace traditional making. Only for prototyping. Ease of trying. Various versions it makes sense. He cut the metal sheets manually for the prototype, 3d printed the plastic components. Design with mass production in mind. Fastener free. Always think of intelligent solutions. Pack a simple manual along with the product. Simple things we ignore. Always think from customer point of view.

Design thinking. Design for manufacturing. Simplify. Think about packaging. It has to be attractive. Design for the markets.

India is ideal for low volume, high complexity manufacturing.In China a factory can go from 30,000 workers to 45,000 workers in a week and back to 30,000 next week. Isn’t possible in India.

Always think of the product life cycle. Plan B/Contingency. Tomorrow, if the product clicks, there will be pressure on decreasing price and increasing volume. Lead times

Case study 2 : Dish washer, Indian style sponsored by Kannan

Most of the components are off the shelf. Crack the core problem. This solved means the problem is solved. Always ask what is critical to the customer. Manage that.

Be open minded. Solutions will come. Have patience for iterations. No one can crack it in one go.

Rejected a lot of ideas. Learnt the hard way. Zoo audio cassette program was much ahead of its time. Got delayed as they didn’t have the lab infrastructure. One advice to all, always invest in a lab. Invest in infrastructure. This is the key. Mentioned in the Manus showcase.

Our education system evolved for the industrial revolution. To move the agrarian workers to industrial workers/clerks. We can’t expect it to catch up with the needs of today. Hence we need to emphasize on skill development.

Ideas unlimited have developed consumer products like Movement sensor and Home security products for Indian Conditions.

About Nagendra: Proud Indian. Believes in the potential of India. True Patriot. Nothing is impossible for him. Unquenchable inquisitiveness.

This was followed by a brief presentation by Venugopal V R , founder of Emerald Enclaves. He shared his experience of developing this unique layout with teak plantations. Today it is nothing short of a piece of heaven.


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