Blue Ocean Dialogue

Dr. Rahul Mirchandani,  Past national chair, Young Indians conducted a workshop on Blue Ocean Dialogue at SJCE on 9th December.

Participants from various colleges in Mysuru came up with unique and innovative ideas to improve our nation.

Concentrate on habits. Habits lead you to the problems. Habits will lead you to the solutions. Also, remember that it is difficult to change habits. If your product/service can fit into the existing consumer habits, it has a greater chance of success.

Identify your demographic targets. Changing one variable, changes everything.
Identify the why(habit), who(demography) and what(technology).

If your aspirations are greater than the resources available,  you would stretch and value what you have. You would invent. You would be prudent about spending your resources. Essentially you are forced to innovate. Always remember,  resources will find a way to a good idea.

Be brave to stare at a blank sheet. A blank sheet is an open invite for you to paint a color of your choice. Study the best practices, but invent the next practices.

Thank you, Rahul, for a wonderful workshop.  Congratulations to team Yuva.


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