Startup India. Standup India.

Picture courtesy: Financial Express

Did you observe, what a keen listener our PM is?
Correctly attributed each quote, be it ‘Sarbonash’, Understanding the uniqueness of India, The hotel chain idea, Adam’s fascination about spirituality, Uber becoming Kuber etc.

Did it meet the expectations? Can the steps satisfy everyone? Depending on your stage of evolution of your startup, you may have different views.

What is undeniable, is the sincerity of the effort. The government wants to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. As he said, we have a million problems, but we have a billion minds to work towards the solutions.

Startups and their constituents are the thought leaders, not vote bank. In addressing and acknowledging the issues faced, we take the first step towards a better tomorrow.

He spoke about the self doubt, the ridicule, the grind, the failures.

The quality of the discourse, has had a paradigm change. We are thinking of how to solve rather than crib about about he problems.

Cheers to every entrepreneur, every dreamer, every innovator. We need to solve problems, not just for our country, but similar countries facing the same issues.

Jai hind.

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