My reading list

An audacious target of 100 books this year.

Recommendations welcome.

My ratings on a scale of 5.

  1. Karmayogi, a biography of E Sreedharan by MS Ashokan. ****
  2. Idea Man, Paul Allen. ***** Cofounder of Microsoft.
  3. The Hard things about hard things, Ben Horowitz *****. My review.
  4. Only the paranoids survive, Andy Grove. Timeless wisdom. Written in 1996. ****
  5. Abundance, Diamandis, and Kotler, *****. Huge book. Mind blowing. Optimism personified.
  6. Reverse Innovation, VG, and Trimble ****
  7. Raving Fans, Blanchard, and Bowles can be read in under an hour, good for my average! ****
  8. The Launch Pad, Inside Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s most exclusive school for startups, Randall Stross. *****. My review
  9. The art of Creative thinking, Rod Judkins, Masterpiece. Must read. *****
  10. The ten faces of innovation, Tom Kelley, Under progress.
  11. How to get ideas, Jack Foster, *****.Must read book. Maybe the most important book you read this year.
  12. Serious creativity Edward de Bono. In progress.
  13. Anything You Want Derek Sivers. Short book, easy read important lessons.****.
  14. Maths Sutra Gaurav Tekriwal. In progress.
  15. Making Ideas Happen Scott Belsky. We all have ideas. Learn how to make them happen by ‘Action Management’.*****
  16. Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance Robert M Pirsig. Pending.
  17. How to remember things, Arthur Richards. In progress.
  18. The one-minute managerKen Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. Simple and effective.****
  19. The Myths of innovation.Scott Berkun. *****.Wish I could give more than 5 stars. What a lovely piece of work. Brilliant.
  20. The Entrepreneur’s guide to Customer Development Brant Cooper & Patrick Vlaskovits. ****. Workbook to implement the steps described in Steve Blank’s ‘The four steps to epiphany’
  21. Hackers and Painters Paul Graham. In progress.
  22. do more faster, David Cohen & Brad Feld. *****. Written in blog style, covering all aspects of startup life. Techstars.
  23. the IDEA Hunter Andy Boynton & Bill Fischer. ****. Nice book.
  24. The four hour work week Timothy Ferris. Yet to start.
  25. Disciplined Dreaming Josh Linker. In progress.
  26. The Macintosh Way Guy Kawasaki. Yet to start.
  27. Crossing the Chasm Geoffrey A Moore. Yet to start.
  28. Hard Drive, Bill Gates and the making of the Microsoft Empire. James Wallace & Jim Erickson. In progress.
  29. LimitlessLimitless, Ajaz Ahmed, ****Good book. recommended by Santosh Panda.
  30. What Can I Give, **** Srijan Pal Singh, about APJ Abdul Kalam.
  31. Change by Design,  Tim Brown. ***** Great book by the CEO of IDEO.
  32. Nuts, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg ****
  33. Talk like TED, Carmine Gallo ****
  34. TED, Chirs Anderson. Beautiful book *****



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