Book review: The Launch Pad


Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, endorses this book as:

“A must read for anyone interested in the realities of modern entrepreneurship.”

I could agree more.

The Launch Pad, inside Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s most exclusive school for Startups.
By Randall Stross.

Stross takes on the role of a fly on the wall, to chronicle the journey of he summer batch of 2011 at Y Combinator.

He takes out the mystery behind these technology startups, and makes us part of their journey of self discovery. We get to know how Y Combinator works.

Real tips, ideas and suggestions from Paul Graham, Sam Altman and the entire team at Y Combinator awaits you if you invest your time to read this great book.

Paul puts it succinctly, that to succeed, you need:

* Stamina
* Poverty
* Rootlessness
* Colleagues
* Ignorance

You get introduced to phrases like:

Demo day
Morris worm
Tuesday Dinner
Ramen Profitable
Land grab etc

The difference between success and failure and how intertwined both are is greatly illustrated with the example of OMGPOP. The tips on how to pitch in the chapter, Pay attention, is pure gold dust.

Here are few of my favorite quotes from the book:











Happy reading!

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