Prof B Syed Ali


My Guru is the late Prof B Syed Ali.

This is a long time ago, when I was in II PU, he had already retired from St. Philomena’s College.

Two hours of Chemistry tuition. First 10 minutes revision of yesterday’s portions followed by a quick test, often just oral.
Dedication, subject knowledge, hard work, selflessness, generosity….all these words combined can’t describe even a percent of him.
He taught us true human values.
His sister lost her husband at a young age. Ali sir decided not to marry and took care of her children as his own.

He used to teach in his small house in Tilak Nagar, batch after batch for a fee of 100/- per month. He would waive this off for poor students. He constituted a scholarship, at St Philomena’s.

Generations of students have benefited from his teaching methodology and magnanimity.

Really humbled to have learned from such a fine example of mankind.

I scored 59/60 in the CET in Chemistry due to his teaching.

No words can express my gratitude and indebtedness to Prof Ali.


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