Kaalaje, empathy

A couple months ago, Pancham of Anuprayaas, invited me over to the government school for blind, bamboo bazaar, Mysuru.

We met Satish, the person in charge. The condition of this residential school for the visually challenged was poor.

Subsequently, Anuprayaas has installed a tactile map of the building. The toilet doors have been repaired by MCC.

The image of the kitchen left a deep impression on me. Hopeless is the word that comes to mind.

RYC, Mysuru headed by Ashish have installed a water purified there now.

Once the purifier was installed, I just shared with my friends, that we can next tile the kitchen wall and floor. I have all the plumbing material and tiles with me. We needed funds for labor, sand, and cement. Maybe some painting too.

My friends have wholeheartedly come forward to contribute towards this project.

We plan to dedicate this work in memory of the coolest teacher ever, M C Srivatsa.

So this page will be a place where we report all the progress we are making.

Watch our for updates in the form of photos, expenses and finally the opening ceremony right here.



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