Holy Cow

Hey there(Moo)

I am a cow, Indian cow. 

I take in grass and give out milk and manure. 

How I am treated depends on where I am in the nation. I am left to eat from garbage, often swallowing polythene and other hazardous stuff. 

What makes us mammals is that we give birth to young ones and feed them with milk. Humans are mammals too, and continue to depend on my milk after their mother stops feeding them.

There is a strong connection between mother and milk. Taking this further, some people started calling me Gau Mata, or Cow Mom. Subsequently I became the Holy Cow.

Contrast this to the western world where bacon and hamburgers are the staple food. It is a different culture. And after all culture is what defines us, along with manners.

Also with the advent of tractors, bulls are no longer a must for farming. Of course small farmers still do depend on bulls. Also bullock carts are fast being replaced by goods vehicles. Oil mills too are mechanised now. Most new calves are born of artificial insemination. Male calves are sold off as soon as they are born, which is opposite to what you guys do.

I am subjected to milking contests, often drugged to produce more. Not allowed to cuddle my calf too.

When I am old and useless, I am loaded in containers and transported across state borders to be butchered and relished as beef.

It is not all bad though. Some people do care, feed me and give me water too. 

When I am old and weak, instead of sending me to the butchers, they send me to pinjarapole or as you call them, old age homes. Just visit one to see for yourselves.

Please don’t politicise me. Please let me be. 

If it is possible, please be kind.


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