The 17th FINA world championships concluded yesterday at Budapest.
These are the results of Indian participants:


India's best National champions, do not even qualify in the top 10.

There is a huge chasm to be bridged including:

  • Huge investments in infrastructure
  • Coaching methods and technology
  • Nutrition and nurturing young talent

We are at least 20 years away from results if we invest now.

Check out the 1300+ athlete profile in various age categories.

Gamatics.in was started by two parents of a young swimmer, an Arjuna awardee swimmer and a world class coach. It is taking baby steps to create a community of swimming in India and is like a social network of swimmers.

All relevant data, age wise national records, world records, nutritional plans are available here. Also the upcoming competitions are listed too.

Looking forward to one of these athletes bring glory by winning medals at the Olympics and FINA events.


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