Education is a hoax

I was at a job fair recently. Following are thoughts from my experiences:

Your college, your degree, your marks don’t matter. Your confidence, learnability and communication does.

Most of the students, lack confidence. They are remarkably low skilled as well.

Has our education system lived up to the need of the hour? We are producing Environmental engineers who take up software jobs!

The feedback from industry leaders is:

We don’t follow processes, just somehow get things done.

We are not assertive.

We are poor communicators.

If we could overcome these, we can really reach our potential.

So next time, be more assertive, reply/communicate and do follow the processes.

Most things worth achieving needs tremendous hard work. There is no short cut to it. That work ethic is lacking amongst most today.

Learn something beyond the curriculum. Take the initiative. Try some thing you are not adept at. Put your best foot forward.

Most of the employers are looking more at your confidence and communication skills.

Yes, do get that degree that is necessary for a job. If you are looking to do something on your own, shun it asap, as education (in it’s present state) is a hoax.


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